W20 Communiqués & Statements

The EU W20 Delegation contributes to development and delivery of the annual G20 Women20 Communiqué and to Statements on key issues impacting the world’s girls and women.

Date Channel Content/Link
2022-08-15 G20 Women20 Indonesia 2022 W20 Indonesia Communiqué to the G20  
2021-08-20 G20 Women20 Italy 2021 W20 Declaration in Support of Afghan Women and Girls  
2021-07-15 G20 Women20 Italy 2021 W20 Statement on Turkey and the Istanbul Convention  
2021-07-15 G20 Women20 Italy 2021 W20 Italy Communiqué to the G20  
2021-10-21 G20 Women20 Saudi Arabia 2020 W20 Saudi Arabia Communique to the G20  
2019-03-23 G20 Women20 Japan 2019 W20 Japan Communique to the G20  
2018-10-03 G20 Women20 Argentina 2018 W20 Argentina Communique to the G20